AVEO Group Reaches Major New Multi-Million Euro Agreement with TNS

March 15th, 2016

AVEO Group, on behalf of the Credit Agricole Group’s entities, is strengthening its payments infrastructure after finalising a new multi-million Euro deal with Transaction Network Services (TNS). 

The multi-year agreement has been reached with Monecam, AVEO Group’s subsidiary company, on behalf of the Credit Agricole Group’s entities. It will result in TNS becoming the leading supplier of dial and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) payment transaction services to the Credit Agricole Group.

Today’s news builds on the 10 year relationship TNS has enjoyed with Monecam which is part of the Credit Agricole Group. TNS will route PSTN transactions from Credit Agricole Group’s merchant customers across France via regional banks to its processing centre.

TNS’ dial service has been designed to deliver all types of transaction traffic, including credit and debit cards, pre-paid mobile top-ups, gaming, alarms, inventory control, order entry and other transaction-oriented applications. It offers high availability with advanced node and circuit redundancy, back-up and flexible routing capabilities.

David Campoy, Vice President of Sales at TNS, said: “After 10 years working closely together, we are very pleased to become Credit Agricole Group’s leading supplier for these business critical services.

“This partnership will allow AVEO Group and TNS to explore future service expansions, including supporting the deployment of Credit Agricole Group’s customers, thanks to TNS’ extensive footprint and wide range of advanced services.”

TNS’ reach extends to more than 400 payments-specific endpoints globally, including major card schemes, acquirers, processors and banks. Its dial service supports all known point-of-sale protocols and delivers shorter and more cost effective transaction times than general purpose network service providers. The increased speed of transactions reduces acquiring host port holding times, improving system efficiency. Real-time visibility, monitoring and reporting is provided by the integrated TNSOnline solution.

TNS is a Level 1 PCI DSS certified service provider and its secure network is supported 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operating Centres around the world.

With a strong payments heritage and more than 20 years of expertise, TNS now provides services in more than 60 countries across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific regions.

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