Transaction Network Services (TNS), a market leader in capital markets client and counterpart connectivity and the first to market with a Layer 1 network solution, has invested significantly in its backbone to provide high performance global connectivity for clients tapping the plethora of opportunities developing in Asia.

The TNS network boasts 247 regional financial community endpoints, including exchanges and data centers, which benefit from TNS’ low latency infrastructure. In total, coupled with the Layer 1 in-data center solution, the TNS global network now covers 11 countries and 23 exchanges in the region.

TNS has partnerships with key institutions including SGX, JPX and HKEX and this continued network deployment shows TNS’ commitment to its service development in the region. Asia is consistently proving to be a global engine for growth and the level of competition amongst exchanges is driving innovation. Of the top 20 exchanges in the world, 8 are now in Asia, making it a strategic necessity for traders.

“Asia provides significant opportunity and growth with fast developing as well as emerging markets for traders,” said Jeff Mezger, TNS’ Vice President of Product Management for its Financial Markets business. “We recognize the need to provide the quality of Asian connectivity, to match the present and future needs of clients. We have designed the network to have sufficient capacity to provide streaming of market data globally, with the ability to deliver APAC sourced market data to the US and Europe and vice versa,” Mezger continues.

TNS provides ultra-low latency access to the markets and market data through its Layer 1 technology, offering clients access to execution speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional layer 3 architectures. TNS Layer 1 is the first and most advanced global solution in the market, eradicating the need for multiple switches, using a simple, single hop architecture to deliver connectivity in as little as 5 to 85 nanoseconds.

Brokerages and trading clients both globally and regionally need the diversification offered by Asian financial instruments and TNS is focused on offering the best possible infrastructure to do this. TNS provides global connectivity and Layer 1 infrastructure solutions with a managed service which offers a more flexible and cost-effective option. Clients benefit from the local presence and support in all markets and the ability to lease hardware and obtain a level of access that meets actual requirements.

Each market within the Asia region is developing at its own rate, offering different trading opportunities, and operating with its own local nuances. Due to the flexible model and on the ground presence in all active markets, TNS is a single point of contact with the ability to offer locally focused advice to firms that are operating in Asia but still need a global perspective.