Demand More for Your Mission Critical Trading

When Every Nanosecond Counts

Execute trades 10x faster* with as little as 5-85ns latency, using the first globally available Layer 1 solution for data and exchange access.

In an increasingly fast-paced global market, supporting your traders with consistently high-performance connections to all major exchange matching engines and data feeds is key, especially to facilitate order execution ahead of the competition.

TNS was the first to globally deploy a Layer 1 solution, delivering ultra-low latency in co-location using a purpose-built, single-hop design. TNS’ Layer 1 features FPGA technology, enabling market data and order activity to be delivered in a fraction of the time of conventional solutions.

Hosted. Colocated. Managed.

The lowest-latency Infrastructure-as-a-Service for instant and simplified market access.

TNS sets the precedent of how to build, host and manage the most complex colocated infrastructures that provide fastest market access, for all asset classes, across all geographies.

Fully managed, and tailored to your trading approach, TNS offers high-availability, high-redundancy, and highly scalable in-colocation hosting options, with seamless integration to its industry-leading ultra-low latency Layer 1 connectivity and market data services.

  • Global coverage with local expertise
  • Lowest-latency mutualized connectivity
  • High-security specifications
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Flexible amortization options

One Network. Endless Possibilities.

Reach a global community of industry counterparts through a single link, and leverage purpose-built high bandwidth, low latency data and exchange connectivity.

TNS understands that to succeed in today’s demanding trading landscape, dependable and high-performance connectivity is critical. That’s why TNS empowers financial markets participants to easily and immediately access anyone, anywhere, from a single managed connection to our global network.

Coupled with the ability to deliver dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity, TNS enables you to consume and interact with counterparty services, exchanges, and market data sources, while alleviating the burden of spiraling connection charges, protracted setup processes and performance-impacting latencies.

  • 2,800 global endpoints
  • 750+ counterparties
  • 130 POPs across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • 120+ exchanges
  • Single-link access
  • Latency-optimized network

Consume Market Data Your Way.

Connecting exchange members and non-members to raw and normalized market data around the world, on one ultra-low latency network.

Data acquisition and trading venue connectivity can prove cost-prohibitive and labor-intensive for many financial firms. As an established network service provider and data vendor, TNS delivers international data feeds and exchange access in a tailored format to suit you, while significantly reducing the costs, complexities and lead times associated with interfacing directly with the exchange.

  • Lowest-latency mutualized data access
  • Member and non-member options
  • Raw and normalized data feeds
  • Vendor of Record as-a-Service (VoRaaS)
  • Data transportation around the globe

Democratizing Global Trading Access.

Unlock your true trading potential and alleviate the burden of self-management, with best-in-class mutualized services and industry expertise.

Considering ever-evolving market structure and technology innovation, as well as disruptive economic and regulatory events, it has never been more important, nor more complex, to stay competitive, while navigating an unpredictable trading landscape. This is where TNS excels.

Whether a new market entrant in need of industry expertise and an agile, scalable route to market, or a global bank looking to enhance and support existing infrastructure and personnel, TNS offers a flexible, customizable and collaborative managed service approach.

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Sign up for more information and checkout the Latest Xchange Newsletter today!

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