Unsurpassed, Ultra-low Latency Connectivity to Exchanges Around the World

TNS is at the forefront of innovating low latency trading solutions for trading participants, being the first provider to offer a layer 1 connectivity solution in all global regions.

We take a completely different approach to network architecture and pioneered a solution to ensure the lowest latency possible by managed service providers today. Client servers connect directly to our layer 1 exchange switches for a deterministic latency profile of 5-85 nanoseconds (10x faster than our competitors). A more direct architecture also means lower latency, fewer failure problems, and could even reduce your costs for market connectivity.

More Options for Low Latency Connectivity

TNS understands that not all strategies require the lowest possible latency within the colo. For those participants, TNS has a premium product, which utilizes layer 3 distribution. Regardless of the deployment design your firm chooses, our infrastructure provides a substantially optimized, latency sensitive, and cost-effective platform for your trading operation.

To learn more on how TNS can help you execute your trading strategies or discuss your network requirements contact your TNS account executive today.

Introducing TNSXpress Introducing TNSXpress

Global Market Data and Execution

TNS provides direct access to 108 financial exchanges and 2,800+ endpoints globally.

Whether you’re consuming market data, executing orders or connecting to a third party within the financial ecosystem, TNS delivers a cost effective, ultra-low latency infrastructure that supports your trading requirements.

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TNS as a Vendor of Record

Partnering with TNS greatly simplifies the distribution and cost of market data to your clients.

TNS market data experts provide consulting services and assistance with client onboarding, data reporting, document retention and exchange invoicing.

We are well positioned to expertly manage your exchange requirements to the major global markets. And, more importantly, TNS data distribution services can drastically reduce your market data expense.

Flexible, Secure and Cost-Effective Hosting Services

TNS understands the importance of being in the same colocation facilities as the matching engine to ensure the lowest latency advantage across markets.

Because your trading strategies may change with market volatility, TNS provides secure and cost-effective solutions. You can choose from shared, fractional and dedicated hosting environments, providing flexibility in how and when to expand your presence at an exchange.

Remote hosting and Disaster Recovery (DR) hosting services are also available. Our engineering team will work with you to deliver the right solution for your trading strategies and expertly support the footprint that makes the most sense for your business.

All TNS datacenters have VPN and secure internet services for remote management. We also offer private managed leased line connectivity from our client’s offices into the TNS network. PTP timing services are available for MIFID2 and RTS 25 compliance purposes.

TNS has telco connectivity and low-cost hosting capabilities in over 125 global datacenters. TNS offers low latency colocation services at these datacenters:

North America

CME: Aurora, IL

CH4: 350 E. Cermak, IL

NY11: Carteret, NJ

MAH: Mahwah, NJ

NY2: Secaucus, NJ

NY4: Secaucus, NJ

NY5: Secaucus, NJ

TMX: Markham


LD4: Slough, UK

LSE: London, UK

ICE: Basildon, UK

FR2: Frankfurt, Germany


CC2: @Tokyo, Japan

JPX: @Tokyo, Japan

ALC: Sydney, Australia

SGX: Singapore

HKEX: Hong Kong

Introducing TNSXpress

Global Network Services

Wide Area Network (WAN)

TNS’ high speed, fully redundant network backbone employs the best-of-breed technologies and partnerships throughout the world.

Through a combination of dark and lit fiber, TNS can quickly carve out private bandwidth in increments between 1Mbps and 100Gbps to facilitate your site-to-site requirements. Our network engineering team is always on stand-by to increase bandwidth limits should your trading strategy require more bandwidth.

As a managed service provider, TNS takes on the financial and operational burdens of procuring telco connections so that you can focus on what matters the most: your trading business.

Global Network Operating Center (NOC)

TNS’ Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) is available 24×7, with a mission-critical focus on uptime during all key hours in every market, in every location. To provide you with a single point of contact for all issues and requests, we operate three Network Operations Centers around the globe in a follow the sun approach. The GNOCs operate with overlapping hours to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

Our GNOC is staffed with qualified engineers, not agents. Each engineer has a knowledge base and ITSM toolset at their disposal. The systems we use are designed to enable the high quality, fast service our clients expect.

Introducing TNSXpress

Datacenter Services

Our core services extend beyond network connectivity. TNS delivers a complete solution, inclusive of datacenter, build and hardware procurement services. We have expert engineers, architecture and project management teams to build your trading infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

Most importantly, we assign dedicated representatives from each team to all client deployments, guaranteeing a personalized, custom experience. Our primary goal is to allow you to focus on trading and the growth of your business.

TNS personnel manage all physical support within the datacenter. With a deep expertise in supporting the electronic trading community, we work as an extension of your team in each geographical region.

TNS Oculus

A simple, intuitive tool providing real-time insight into network performance, utilization and capacity that helps you quickly react to incidents and outages.

In today’s dynamic and highly volatile markets, financial market participants need a sophisticated, yet simple, self-running monitoring tool that lets them view network performance and trading activity in real-time.

Finally, a self-running monitoring platform that’s easy to setup, easy-to-use and can be customized to user-defined performance metrics.

TNS Oculus Key Features

TNS Oculus utilizes a proprietary HTML5 platform that operates on any standard browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

  • It delivers this self-service monitoring with granularity as low as one minute.
  • Monitor a complete inventory of all TNS services and performance statistics through a single pane of glass
  • More information: Customize alerts to see specific outages or errors
  • Real-time insight to issues via a simple ‘Hot-Spot’ dashboard
  • Delivered in near-real time, as low as one minute
  • Utilizing the latest HTML5 technologies means that TNS Oculus works in any standard web browser
  • Project network capacity needs
  • Export data to Excel

Introducing TNSXpress

View a complete inventory of your TNS services

Introducing TNSXpress Introducing TNSXpress

Trader Benefits

With TNS Oculus, you see the same performance data that’s being viewed in the TNS Network Operating Centers (NOCs).

  • Easy to use and easy to configure
  • Easy access to data and set-up alerts based on user-defined metrics
  • Quickly add new users tailoring their permissions
  • Exceptional alert capabilities enable customers to respond quickly to incidents and outages
  • View connectivity performance, data through–put and the status of connected devices
  • View data for routers, interfaces, BBSes, VLCs, drops/errors and CPU/memory utilization of TNS services

TNS Oculus is available for all TNS’ Secure Trading Extranet customers.

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