The relentless barrage of robocalls has caused significant problems for ‘high touch’ businesses that rely heavily on the voice channel like those in the financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and retail industries. A significant lack of consumer trust in voice calls is evident with the latest data highlighting that 75% of consumers never answer calls from unknown numbers*.

Consumer trust issues with voice calling is a business problem

If your business relies on the voice channel to engage with consumers, this trust deficit could undermine the superior customer experience you deliver, your call agent productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Whether it is a bank trying to reach customers about a new account offering, pharmacies notifying patients that a prescription is ready, airlines trying to contact passengers about upcoming travel plans, or eCommerce retailers trying to confirm a recent purchase, the need for proven, innovative branded calling solutions that drive higher consumer contact rates is undeniable.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling buoys businesses

When it comes to restoring consumer trust in voice calling, all branded calling solutions are not created equal.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling is integrated into major wireless networks and delivers the rich call content needed to give consumers the confidence and motivation to answer the phone. In the last ten years, TNS has branded one billion calls and developed one of the most extensive reaches of any branded calling solution on the market. TNS Enterprise Branded Calling differentiates itself from the industry competition with a proven history of helping to improve businesses’ bottom line through an expedited lead-generation process and enhancing organizations’ call agent productivity.

Enterprise Branded Calling also helps deliver critical information more efficiently to customers. For example, the information provided through healthcare calls can often involve personal or time-sensitive information. The stakes arehigh when brands cannot reach customers in a timely and trusted manner, which is why branded calling is vital to the success of an organization’s customer communication process. With branded calling, consumers are more educated on who is calling them and will be more willing to answer the phone when the call they’ve been waiting for comes through.

Impact on productivity, business unit value, and revenue

Organizations across the financial services, healthcare, hospitality and retail industries are proactively seeking solutions that increase answer rates, drive more meaningful engagement and restore trust in voice calling.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can help to drive more revenue for organizations by providing better outcomes thanks to improved customer engagement.

For exampleonce potential healthcare customers indicate they’re interested in booking an appointment, the first course of action for the doctor’s practice would be to follow up on these new leads with phone calls. But calls going unanswered remain a massive hindrance to the process.

Enterprise Branded Calling enables the practice’s call agents to reach people in a more expedited time frame, allowing for better patient engagement.

In a recent TNS survey, it was clear that branded calling identification helps drive consumer engagement, with 78% of consumers saying they would be more willing to answer the phone if the caller displayed the logo and name of a brand they recognize, with 72% saying they would definitely answer.

Now more than ever, business leaders are taking a strategic approach in reviewing their efficiencies and profitability. The impact Enterprise Branded Calling has on these crucial factors could give them a strong competitive advantage in their marketplace.

TNS’ track record delivering branded calling solutions is unmatched when it comes to improving enterprises’ bottom line. Visit our website to learn more about how TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can help your organization increase customer engagement and drive more revenue.

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.

*Kantar Survey – May 2022