TNS today announced it is hosting a webinar, ‘TNS Enterprise Branded Calling: Restoring Trust to Voice’. The webinar, which takes place on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EST, is designed for business decision-makers seeking innovative solutions to address the erosion of trust in voice calling due to robocalls and the revenue and brand risk of low call answer rates.

For organizations in ‘high touch’ industries that rely heavily on voice to reach and engage with consumers, the impact of unwanted robocalls has been staggering: 75% of consumers will never answer phone calls to their wireless phone from numbers they do not recognize. However, research by TNS suggests they are five times more likely to answer the phone when the incoming call screen displays the brand logo/name rather than just a simple phone number.

The webinar, moderated by technology consultant Helen Disney, will feature TNS’ branded calling and call analytics experts: Shelley Dunagan, Senior Director of Enterprise Branded Calling at TNS, and Jim Tyrrell, Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS.

Webinar Overview

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling webinar will detail what is driving the consumer brand trust challenge: how it is impacting the customer experience, call agent productivity, and your bottom line. It will also explore insights from a recent survey which show how TNS Enterprise Branded Calling can help drive significant gains in call answer rates and brand trust particularly in ‘high-touch’ verticals such as financial services, healthcare, hospitality and retail.

More importantly, the panelists will discuss how TNS Enterprise Branded Calling supports better business outcomes across industries; while improving call rates is key, the beneficial impact on the enterprise is equally important. By assuring your customers that your calls are legitimate an enterprise will reduce redundant calls and deliver important messages more efficiently.

TNS’ experts will provide examples of how Enterprise Branded Calling can support best practices to deliver these outcomes, through acknowledging the impact the reputation of your calls and calling practices can have on your business.

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling helps restore trust in voice calling by vetting enterprises calling practices and registering their telephone numbers to ensure only trusted businesses are able to provide more call information on an incoming screen. The additional information on the subscriber’s incoming screen will provide better customer interaction, engagement, and outcomes for the legitimate enterprises. Earlier this year, TNS eclipsed one billion branded calls delivered across US wireless carrier networks, a milestone reflecting TNS’ unmatched success in supporting carriers’ robocall mitigation efforts.

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