Today, the entire TNS team celebrates the launch of our new TNS Enterprise Authentication solution. The advanced call authentication technology, available as part of the TNS Enterprise Branded Calling product suite, ensures only legitimate, branded calls from an Enterprise Authentication company are delivered to subscribers. The technology strengthens TNS’ commitment to helping enterprises protect their customers – and brand reputation – from the threat posed by robocall scammers.  

Since launching Enterprise Branded Calling, enterprise customers – along with CPaaS, CCaaS and SBC service providers – have experienced tangible improvements in call outcomes and call agent productivity. TNS has more than a decade of experience in call identification and branded caller ID, and has facilitated one billion+ calls across major wireless carriers. The solution is available without an app download, on 90 million + Android and iOS devices and has the largest impact to influencing reputational scoring. 

Enterprise Authentication extends call vetting and authentication a step further with capabilities that ensure branded calls to consumers are not spoofed. To do this, Enterprise Authentication: 

  • Delivers the enterprise’s critical call information only on authenticated calls and leverages a proven approach to vetting and registration. TNS best practices validate the legitimacy of enterprises and confirm they have the right to use associated telephone numbers and enterprise calling data.
  • Leverages real-time call verification and spoof protection. TNS Enterprise Authentication is equipped with a Call Event API, allowing a business to notify TNS when a call is “in progress” for instant branded call verification. 
  • Reduces security protocols required. Preregistering a brand’s number with TNS means fewer security protocols are needed once a call has connected. This decreases the time spent on two-way verification and enables the company’s call agent to quickly share the reason for calling the customer. 

With Enterprise Authentication, businesses will experience benefits immediately. Chiefly, it helps improve call conversion rates as customers gain greater confidence to answer an incoming call knowing it has not been spoofed by bad actors.  

With that assurance, customers are also more willing to engage positively with branded calls. This means longer, more substantive conversations that lead to better business outcomes and help drive more revenue to the company’s bottom line. 

Finally, Enterprise Authentication empowers enterprises to safeguard customers from scammers intent on hijacking legitimate phone numbers to acquire money and personal information, reducing customer fraud and enhancing the business’ brand reputation.  

Over the last twelve months, Americans have received billions of unwanted robocalls, which has led to an overwhelming majority (68%) of Americans refusing to answer calls from unknown numbers. Declining trust in the voice channel can negatively impacts businesses’ bottom line, particularly those in ‘high-touch’ industries such as financial services, hospitality, retail and healthcare.  

Calls from our Enterprise Branded Calling business customers include critical brand information on incoming call screens so mobile subscribers recognize who is calling and are more likely to engage with those calls. Our data shows that 78% of Americans are more willing to answer a call if the caller ID displays the logo and name of a brand they recognize. 

In the coming months, TNS will continue drive forward with innovative capabilities designed to protect brands and their customers, including for businesses that need more stringent spoof protection to comply with regulatory and enforcement requirements – and that face elevated brand reputation risks.  

To learn more about how TNS Enterprise Authentication helps drive more successful outcomes for enterprises’ branded calls, visit Enterprise Authentication and Spoof Protection.

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions. 

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