The persistence of robocall scams has infiltrated the retail industry as bad actors continue to impersonate legitimate retail companies. TNS’ latest survey data is enlightening – 69% of Americans express concern over robocall scammers who falsely pose as retailers and claim pending packages, while 66% believe delivery package or mail-related scams have surged in the past year.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Fraudulent actors adeptly exploit retail brands, often disguising themselves as high-profile organizations like Amazon. These scams aim to extract sensitive consumer information like credit card details and bank routing numbers. A recent Amazon-related scam involved bad actors impersonating Amazon sales representatives to gain remote account access into accounts for illicit gains.

Over the last year, Americans endured an astounding 77 billion unwanted robocalls, eroding trust in the voice channel. A notable 68% of Americans now refrain from answering calls from unknown numbers. The robocall menace has forward-looking retailers digitally transforming the voice channel with branded caller ID technology to help protect their brand, improve the customer experience and increase call answer rates.

Reviving Trust Through Branded Calling and Call Authentication

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling displays vital brand information on incoming call screens so consumers can discern legitimate calls from malicious ones. Data support that Americans want this technology: 63% of Americans would answer a call from retail brands if the brand logo/name was displayed on the incoming call screen.

The appetite for branded calling among customers should motivate retail businesses to embrace voice channel digital transformation. A resounding 82% of respondents would answer branded calls from companies that they have previously permitted to contact them. Furthermore, 80% would be willing to answer branded calls from delivery services while expecting shipments.

The impact of Enterprise Branded Calling resonates with both retailers and customers. In a world flooded with unwanted robocalls, the digital transformation of the voice channel can give retailers a leg up from the competition. By equipping the incoming call screens with brand information, consumers have a better understanding of who is calling and can decide whether they want to answer the call.

Branded caller ID technology is not just a tool designed for improved communications. It can be a critical business investment, one that allows retailers to facilitate a superior customer experience and help improve customer answer rates, lead generation efforts and the bottom line.

Restoring trust in the voice channel should be part of any high-touch business’ digital transformation efforts and has shown its potential value for eCommerce, delivery services and traditional retailers. To access the full spectrum of insights from our survey, download our eBook: Exploring the Demand Hospitality and Retail for Branded Caller ID.

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.

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