Inland Cellular Deploys TNS Call Guardian to Protect Subscribers from Robocalls

Inland Cellular Deploys TNS Call Guardian to Protect Subscribers from Robocalls

September 4th, 2019

Transaction Network Services (TNS) today announced that Inland Cellular, a US-based mobile network operator serving customers across Washington and Idaho, will deploy TNS’ industry-leading robocall detection solution TNS Call Guardian. Inland Cellular becomes one of the first regional carriers to integrate robocall detection into their service offering for wireless subscribers.

TNS Call Guardian powers the robocall detection solution for four of the top six wireless carriers as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 regional carriers facing growing pressure from their customer base – and the FCC – to more effectively combat robocalls. By analyzing over one billion call events and capturing crowd-sourced feedback, Call Guardian enables carriers to accurately identify more spoofed robocalls than their competitors. By using a layered approach of big data analytics and integration of call attestation parameters from STIR/SHAKEN, Call Guardian delivers a robust user experience that provides consumers the information they need to combat robocalls.

“As the FCC and policymakers call for carriers to help lead the way in the fight against robocalls, TNS will continue to innovate so carriers like Inland Cellular can stay one step ahead of robocall scammers and spoofers,” said David Kaemmer, Vice President of Sales, TNS. “We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Inland Cellular and build upon our track record in delivering the most comprehensive solution on the market.”

“Delivering a superior and reliable customer experience has always been our mission” said Inland Cellular’s Executive Vice President Chip Damato.“Partnering with TNS to deploy Call Guardian helps our subscribers identify which calls to answer and which to ignore. It’s another example of putting our customers first.”  

Inland Cellular plans to fully deploy TNS Call Guardian to its subscriber base by the end of 2019 as an initial step of their robocall migration plan. To learn more about TNS Call Guardian, visit here.  

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