TNS Market Data Solution Proves Highly Resilient Despite COVID-19 Volatility Pressures

TNS Market Data Solution Proves Highly Resilient Despite COVID-19 Volatility Pressures

June 9th, 2020 - Financial, Global Connectivity

By Jeff Mezger, Director of Product Management, TNS

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted equities markets with periods of intense volatility and speculative, high-volume trading placing pressures on networks.

In the early months of the outbreak, market data volumes reached levels that many have never seen before and as we face significant milestone markers in the near future, like easing restrictions or conversely a much feared second peak, this volatility will most likely continue.

Seasoned traders appreciate the extent to which any global economic crisis strains the world’s financial markets but with the 2008 recession not too distant a memory it’s disappointing that more has not been done to strengthen the technology underpinning this industry.

To be successful, trading firms, especially high-frequency traders, need to be able to capitalize on the exact right moment to execute a trade. If their provider’s network infrastructure drops or delays the data that would trigger an order, or if the order itself gets lost because of a network outage, that can impact a firm’s results.

At TNS we’re proud to report that, despite these extreme market conditions, in recent months TNS has recorded zero packet loss across our network. This means that no TNS customer’s trades were lost and critical market data was not dropped or delayed. We can make this claim because of the significant capacity upgrades we made in 2019 which have demonstrated our network reliability and paid dividends for our customers in Q1. This is also a direct testament to our talented engineering and operations teams who work diligently to ensure our infrastructure is designed and managed to meet the evolving needs of market participants globally.

Trading firms rightfully need to hold their service providers to high standards. TNS is always looking for ways to future proof our network and prepare for unprecedented events such the current pandemic, so that if and when they happen, our customers can rest assured that they won’t be impacted.

To ensure customers’ data will not be lost or delayed because of insufficient network capacity, poor configuration or lack of network resiliency, TNS has spent the past year shoring up its network with acquisitions and upgrades to prepare for the ever-present possibility of volatile market conditions and high trade volume. These preparations have included:

The state-the-art TNSXpress product suite comprises industry leading ultra-low latency infrastructure, market data and connectivity combined with TNS’ high touch service and support.

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