The Asian financial markets, which include many of the world’s leading and rapidly emerging stock exchanges, are currently experiencing a period of significant growth bringing about significant advantages for traders looking to target this important landscape.

To help traders access Asia efficiently, TNS has expanded its low latency global backbone across the Asia Pacific region and now offers access to nearly all Asian exchanges including major financial players, such as Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Japan Exchange Group (JPX).

This expansion has been engineered to make use of the lowest latency commercially available network links in the region. It employs subsea cable systems and protected network links to offer the highest network uptime. Most importantly, this network has been designed with sufficient capacity to provide the delivery of streaming market data globally, with the ability to deliver APAC sourced market data to the US, and US sourced market data to APAC.

TNS’ already strong Asia Pacific presence now offers extensive coverage across 11 countries and 23 exchanges and it remains strategically focused on delivering high performance managed solutions for the trading industry. The newly added TNS connections have been engineered to minimize latency and also enable TNS to offer Layer 1 services at JPX and SGX, providing an ultra low latency connection to the matching engine as low as five nanoseconds.

Partnering with a global technology provider like TNS provides many additional benefits like local teams on the ground, in all of the key Asian markets. This knowledge of different rules and vendors can help traders overcome complexities as well as language and cultural barriers. Access to the major Asian financial centers and exchanges can be simple, quick and come with a lower total cost of ownership as TNS can remove the burden of researching, procuring facilities, installing and managing trading infrastructure.

There are 60 major stock exchanges in the world with 17 of these in Asia, so the Asian financial markets can offer significant rewards for traders. Coupled with the region’s promising economic growth over the last 12 months this opens up a lucrative market ripe for investors. Further expansion across the region looks promising and investors looking to include these markets in their future plans can speak to TNS to find out how it can help you by emailing

Jeff Mezger is Vice President of Product Management at TNS with responsibility for its managed services for the financial industry. He oversees product development and strategy for market data, online and data center services.