TNS has a proud history of providing differentiated trading network services for global market participants. Driven by the goal to build an infrastructure and product portfolio that can support the strategic needs of trading institutions, TNS has invested significantly in its architecture, geographic reach, and scope of industry relationships for more than 20 years. The last 18 months has certainly been no exception.

TNS’ network currently boasts 125 points-of-presence (PoPs) globally and more than 2,800 financial community endpoints, as the business cements its position as the market-leading Managed Services Provider of global trading infrastructure, connectivity, and market data solutions.

As part of the managed services portfolio, TNS continues to globally roll out its premium Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. With a comprehensive service suite, TNS provides highly effective integrated trading solutions, removing the need for multiple suppliers and the resulting ‘patchwork’ footprint. These solutions are underpinned by an established international framework of both centralized and locally deployed TNS engineers and specialists, that provide country specific support 24×7.

With competitive exchange and market data connectivity of paramount importance to traders, TNS also continues to expand its ultra-low latency Layer 1 offering inside key exchange data centers. Delivering connectivity from clients’ trading platforms within colocation to exchange matching engines in as little as 5 to 85 nanoseconds, Layer 1 performs up to ten times faster than traditional Layer 3 configurations.

A global network expansion 

TNS continues to provide rapid and strategic growth of their global trading network and infrastructure solutions in step with market moves, additions, and consolidations. Example recent implementations have included:


In late 2020, as the US Equities market diversified and launched three new exchanges, TNS delivered comprehensive US equities access, connecting to MIAX PEARL Equities, the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) and Members Exchange (MEMX).

TNS has also recently announced market data coverage for all 16 US Equity Option exchanges, which can reduce complexity and provide significant cost savings thanks to its mutualized exchange connections and status as a registered data vendor.


2021 saw a major development of services in the northern hemisphere and the reinforcement of relationships in Europe with existing and new connections, fully managed by TNS’ local support staff.

There has been significant investment, for example, in the European network backbone, delivering enhanced market data capability and ultra-low latency connectivity. Market data is now available from all the major European equities exchanges at TNS’ PoPs across Europe.

Asia Pacific

In the APAC region, TNS expanded its services to over 11 countries and 23 exchanges. TNS has responded to the increased demand from global traders and investors for fast, straightforward, and low-cost access to exchanges in the key Asian markets.

The upgraded and extended connectivity solutions continue to provide the lowest possible latency, underpinned by the TNS’ Layer 1 technology and engineered with maximum uptime in mind.

TNS’ expansion includes managed hosting in colocation with major Asian exchanges including the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Japan Exchange Group (JPX). The network also offers secure and reliable delivery of US-sourced market data to APAC endpoints, as well as APAC data to the US.

Latin America

In 2021 TNS welcomed the first exchange connection in Latin America, offering traders access to market data from Brazil’s B3 exchange in São Paulo, the region’s largest futures market. Traders benefit from B3 market data and order routing access, and B3 achieves significant international reach as part of the TNS global trading network.

What next?

TNS is not only expanding the geographical reach of its global trading network, but also continues to improve its entire infrastructure as well as development of new, exchange relationships.

Further developments in 2022 include the new streaming of data from Bergamo, Italy, when the Euronext exchange matching engine completes its migration. TNS is strengthening its relationship with Spain, establishing connections and colocation with Bolsa y Mercados Españoles (BME), the operator of all Spanish stock markets and financial systems. This includes offering managed hosting and market data Layer 1 connectivity at BME Madrid, as well as connectivity via their London Hub.

Dedicated network expansion is not stopping with the above regions. In 2022, TNS is implementing expansion of operations into South Africa with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Co-located managed hosting services and ultra-low latency market data will be offered along with order routing access for JSE’s equities market and derivatives exchange.

Transforming global trading

TNS’ commitment to expand and improve upon its global trading services and network reach for the benefit of all remains steadfast. By leveraging the lowest commercially available latencies and technology and marrying 30 years of TNS industry experience with its specialist in-region support teams, trading organizations of any size can access virtually any market, or indeed connect to multiple markets, simply, efficiently and more cost-effectively than if internally managed.

This continual dedication to investment not only provides a transformational opportunity for traders to access best-in-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service, wherever they may be in the world, it also serves to futureproof firms’ trading operations and mitigate risk as the industry landscape continues to shift and evolve.

Tom Lazenga is General Manager for TNS’ Financial Markets business. He is responsible for setting strategy, driving growth and overseeing product development for its global business, which includes mission-critical and ultra-low latency solutions.