Transaction Network Services (TNS) today announced that Buckeye Broadband – a cable and telecommunications provider serving customers throughout northwest Ohio and parts of southeast Michigan – has deployed TNS Call Guardian to protect its residential subscribers against scam and nuisance robocalls.

Americans received a staggering 300 million unwanted robocalls per day in 2019, averaging 325 unwanted calls per person per year. This has created frustration for subscribers and led to carriers adopting tools and technologies to try to mitigate the sheer volume of unwanted calls.

TNS Call Guardian is an industry-leading call analytics solution uniquely capable of addressing the robocall threat by analyzing over one billion call events per day. TNS Call Guardian enables carriers to more accurately identify spoofed robocalls than their competitors.

TNS Call Guardian complies with the FCC’s mandate for the implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN authentication protocol mandated by the TRACED Act, and it provides Buckeye Broadband access to a managed end-to-end call authentication solution that analyzes real-time call events. By including the STIR/SHAKEN protocols, the Call Guardian Authentication Hub helps operators differentiate between legitimate users of communications services versus abusive, fraudulent and unlawful users.

“Regional carriers such as Buckeye – as well as four of the top five US wireless carriers – have turned to TNS for call analytics to address and solve the negative impact of robocalls on consumers and businesses,” said David Kaemmer, TNS’ Vice President of Sales. “Buckeye Broadband gains access to the most accurate robocall detection solution in the industry, ensuring subscribers are protected from unwanted nuisance and scam robocalls.”

Geoff Shook, President & General Manager, Buckeye Broadband, adds: “We have heard loud and clear that robocalls have become a growing nuisance to the lives of our residential and business customers. Buckeye has relied on TNS’ proven solutions for more than 14 years and Call Guardian deployment expands and strengthens our relationship.”

Buckeye Broadband is a wholly owned subsidiary of Block Communications, Inc., as is Telesystem – Block Communications’ business unit which has plans to extend TNS Call Guardian to its business users later this year. To learn more about TNS Call Guardian or the Call Guardian Authentication Hub, visit here.