Step 1: Registration Information

Our first step is registering an opportunity by entering your details in the form below.

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Step 2: Referral Qualification and Acceptance

Once you register, you’ll meet with your TNS Account Executive and provide the details for your referral. With this information, TNS will reach out to your colleague and set up a meeting to validate and modify the details.

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Step 3: Award and Payout

Once all pre-deal questions and details have been established, TNS accepts the lead into the Referral Program and will manage the opportunity through its close. Once closed and after the referral customer receives the invoice, payouts will be awarded to the referrer by way of a Credit Note for TNS services, a charitable contribution or applied as a discount*.

Step 1: Register to the Partner Referral Program

To start registering your opportunity, please enter your details in the form.

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    Data Privacy Consent

    Please select yes if you are happy for TNS to hold your data for future communication purposes.

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    By entering your personal information on this form and clicking on the “Submit” button, you are giving TNS permission to use the personal information you submit for the purposes set forth in our TNS Group Privacy Policy. California consumers: for information on the categories of personal information collected by TNSI and the purposes for which the collected personal information will be used, see our TNS Group Privacy Policy here.

    Step 2: Gather Information and Make the Referral

    Once you register, you’ll meet with your TNS Account Executive to provide the details we need to set up a deal. The below three buckets of information are essential for referral acceptance and ensuring the success of the deal and the award.

    Key Partner Information (Your Business)
    • Referrer Name
    • Title
    • Referrer company name
    • Referrer company address
    • Referrer company email
    • Referrer mobile phone number
    • TNS Account Executive/Partner
    Prospect Information and Estimated Deal Sizing
    • Prospect Name
    • Title
    • Prospect company name
    • Prospect company division (if necessary)
    • Prospect company address
    • Prospect company email
    • Prospect mobile phone number
    Deal/Data Submission Review and Acceptance (on TNS side)
    • TNS Account Executive qualifies the lead/opportunity
    • Confirms opportunity size, revenue, solution and timeline
    • Notifies the referrer with an official acceptance of the referral
    • Track opportunity in SFDC
    • Provides key sales metrics in SFDC for bonus/ commission payout

    Step 3: Award and Payment Opportunities

    Bonus/Payout is based on the value of the referrer’s two-month monthly recurring revenue (MRR) or a 20% discount on any non-recurring fees of the referrer’s next order.*

    The maximum award is capped at a generous $20,000 per referral. However, though each deal is capped at $20,000, you can submit as many referrals and opportunities as you’d like.

    See our examples based on the two-month monthly MRR.


    Start Earning Today

    TNS’ Partner Referral Program is a great way to earn more just by engaging your professional payment network. By acting as a matchmaker, you can bring key parties together and provide your colleagues with trusted and proven payment infrastructure solutions and share in the revenue of that collaboration.

    Start today. Register an opportunity, or if you want more information, reach out to your TNS Account Executive today: sales@tnsi.com

    *Payouts are capped at $20,000 per referral.
    Terms and Conditions.

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