VoLTE Roaming

Enabling Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) alongside next-generation data services is crucial to helping operators drive network efficiencies, reduce costs and create new revenue streams while improving their overall subscriber and roamer experiences.

A fully managed, IMS-based, end-to-end VoLTE Roaming solution that leverages the IPX connectivity, Diameter routing, DCH & FCH services currently provided by the TNS Data Services Hub, while supporting S8 Home Routed (S8HR) and Local Break Out (LBO) architectures for enabling inbound and outbound VoLTE roamers.

The VoLTE revolution

As legacy voice networks enter their twilight years, VoLTE is expected to supplant the classic circuit switch networks and make it necessary to cement VoLTE roaming relationships in order to maintain reach for your subscribers and roaming revenue for your business.

While operators continue to evaluate and deploy IMS core networks to enable next-generation communication services like VoLTE at home, launching VoLTE Roaming through a hub is also necessary to serve both your roaming partners and your own subscribers with VoLTE wherever they go.

Have VoLTE, will travel

Since the average mobile subscriber requires more connectivity in more places to consume increasingly more data and voice, the overall demand for these services is only headed in one direction.

As access networks evolve to support VoLTE calling, more and more VoLTE-enabled handsets are flooding the market and soon this demand will be seen in your home 4G network as well as in your roaming partners, if it hasn’t already.

How can TNS help?

To aid operators in keeping up with these evolving needs, TNS provides a one-to-many hub roaming solution that can quickly enable multiple VoLTE roaming partners with the support of such features as Local Break Out for 911, or Emergency Break Out (EBO).

The flexible TNS VoLTE Roaming solution supports a variety of inbound and outbound 4G voice roaming models that ensure a consistent and seamless user experience while roaming. It also helps grow ARPU and prevent the churn of high-value subscribers by expanding HD voice services beyond an operator’s own borders. TNS VoLTE Roaming and its supporting IMS core elements play a critical role in the evolution of voice from circuit switched to IP-based cellular networks in 4G and beyond.

By utilizing the existing LTE Roaming Data Services Hub alongside the virtualized IMS core from TNS, operators can quickly deploy Voice-over-LTE roaming capabilities regardless of their own IMS core capabilities in their home networks.

The TNS VoLTE Roaming Managed Service provides end-to-end planning, design, implementation, testing and support for a GSMA IR.65 and hub based solution to help accelerate your inbound LTE data/VoLTE roaming revenue as well as seamlessly expand your own subscribers’ 4G voice roaming reach.


TNS are winners of the Champion from Kaleido Intelligence for Steering of Roaming and Data & Financial Clearing.

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