ISUP Trunk Signaling & TCAP CLASS Services

TNS ISUP (ISDN User Part) Trunk Signaling allows you to deliver virtually instant connections for your customers and to deploy a full range of intelligent network services.

ISUP and TCAP defined

ISUP Trunk Signaling replaces in-band signaling, so information for call setup and teardown is carried on out-of-band data links using the ISUP layer of the SS7 protocol.

ISUP service is critical to call processing; therefore TNS has employed an ILEC access strategy using only the TNS network. This minimizes the number of hops in the message path and results in more efficient routing, troubleshooting and network management.

TNS ISUP Trunk Signaling provides direct access to all local carriers and service providers, streamlining your SS7 operations by dealing with one dependable point of interconnection.

In addition, the same signaling path used for ISUP can be used to facilitate inter-office CLASS (Custom Local Area Signaling Services). Through switch to switch signaling, TNS TCAP CLASS Messaging enables competitive services such automatic call-back and automatic recall.

TNS support of the *66 and *69 CLASS functions includes full Global Title support and LNP treatment to deliver messages to deliver these TCAP CLASS messages to all of your signaling partners, including RBOCs Operating companies and major independent networks.


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