Steering of Roaming

Subscribers are increasingly reliant on mobile services and now expect service everywhere, making partner networks necessary. The most popular device, however, the smartphone, intensifies roaming challenges for the home operator. Because they are very difficult to detach from partner networks, a subscriber can be retained unnecessarily – often long after the subscriber has moved within range of a more preferred network – or even after returning to the home network.

Present steering of roaming solutions prioritize which network a device connects to when multiple networks are within range. Once connected, however, the steering solution is incapable of disconnecting and reattaching the device when a more favorable network becomes available, or even when the device returns to the home network. Without a mechanism to control the subscriber’s network connection, wholesale roaming charges can accumulate quickly and negatively impact profitability. This concern applies especially to high-value data roaming subscribers who may roam frequently and have high volume or unlimited plans.

Roamer Control (Steering)

  • Supports GSM and LTE
  • Uses SS7 & Diameter (IP) signaling to steer roamers away from non-preferred networks in a dynamic, real-time, predictable manner
  • Detects and blocks anti-steering activities
  • Focus on attach time, not total number of attaches
  • Volume-based steering can be supported
  • National border roaming provided as well
  • Integration via open API is straight-forward
    • CRM integration via API
    • DCH / NRTRDE integration to support volume-based Steering

Subscriber reconnect

Reconnect subscriber to home network when back in home coverage when connected (data session) to overlapping roaming partner coverage

  • Allows to steer roamers back to home network during an active data session while the roamer is on a partner’s network of a roaming customer
  • No interruption to the subscriber
  • Data roaming fees reduced – proven results

Virtual Home Environment (VHE)

VHE intelligently and silently resolves the issue of lost revenue as a result of misdialled calls by roaming subscribers

  • Over 6% of calls dialed by roaming subscribers are misdialled and hence fail to connect. The majority of these calls are not re-attempted
  • This is a revenue leakage problem
  • Customer experience is impacted, and subscribers may choose an alternative network, or consider your network is at fault, not them

Voice mail trombrone elimination

VMTE intelligently and silently removes unnecessary international legs of calls routed to voicemail when roaming – and hence eliminates the additional cost involved

  • Unnecessary international routing can be costly – and cannot always be charged back to the subscriber
  • Customer experience/customer satisfaction may be impacted if subscribers are charged
  • Pre-paid and post-paid subscribers are both fully supported
  • The solution is fully configurable by country/operator
  • Corrects situation where the “B Number” is stripped away. This impacts customer experience – having to re-enter the phone number you wish to leave a message for

Welcome SMS

Welcome SMS offers a low-cost marketing and advertising tool to deliver information to your network subscribers.

  • Push information to your subscribers who roam to a foreign roaming partner network or to inbound subscribers visiting your network.
  • Automatically welcome your own subscribers with an SMS when they reach their international destination.
  • Also, send relevant customer service and general roaming instructions to simplify the international roaming experience.
  • Keeps subscribers informed – according to their specific price plan – of the costs of roaming in the country they are visiting

TNS are winners of the Champion from Kaleido Intelligence for Steering of Roaming and Data & Financial Clearing.

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