Messaging Solutions

TNS’ Intercarrier Messaging for SMS and MMS allows mobile subscribers to send and receive messages between mobile networks regardless of technologies involved or protocols deployed. TNS Intercarrier Messaging solutions expand the subscriber opportunity to send SMS and MMS messages by providing access to billions of users on other domestic and international wireless networks.   You can grow your SMS and MMS traffic and revenue without invasive network upgrades or new equipment installation.

How does it work?

The TNS Intercarrier SMS and MMS (ICSMS and ICMMS) solutions are eloquent and simple, yet provide fully redundant, highly scalable SMS and MMS interoperability solutions for all wireless operators. These solutions fuel messaging revenue by helping successfully address the interoperability challenges brought about by differing network technologies, media compression schemes, SMSCs, device software, and handsets.

Key Benefits

  • ANSI-41 & GSM message routing supporting SMPP / SMTP
  • One connection = reach over 7.046 billion subscribers
  • Support for all standard messaging protocols (IP & SS7 for SMS; MM4, MM7 for MMS) as well as a wide-variety of operator-specific proprietary and regional protocols
  • Virtually unlimited queuing capabilities
  • Support for all standard character sets with translation and mapping capabilities for SMS
  • Intelligent routing and hubbing (SS7 or IP) capabilities
  • Content adaptation and network level transcoding across networks for MMS
  • Comprehensive anti-spam, anti-spoofing, and messaging filters
  • Highly secure, global private IP network, scalable and secure infrastructure
  • Integrated traffic reporting and statistics
  • 24x7x365 NOC


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