LTE Roaming Hub

Unlock the benefits of LTE with advanced roaming services, one-to-many and many-to-one commercial relationships, and innovative new services to monetize your network and device investments.

LTE Roaming Hub seamlessly enables operators to expand their domestic and international footprint while maximizing the network effectiveness with a suite of visibility and intelligence tools. Unlock the benefits of LTE with advanced roaming services, one-to-many and many-to-one commercial relationships, and innovative new services to monetize your network and device investments. Simplify your roaming strategy now with a well-equipped partner backed by 15+ successful years managing high-quality IP networks and Roaming Services.

Service components

Roaming hub and clearing house – maintain existing procedures for inter-operator settlement for LTE Roaming traffic; while participating in a unique, forward-looking ecosystem designed to streamline and improve commercial agreements and processes.

IPX-based service hub – features end-to-end QoS across the IPX for low latency, high through-put for Signaling (SIP, Diameter) and Bearer traffic. TNS provides a one-stop-shop for all base and value-added services to rapidly achieve ROI on your LTE investment.

Roamer Policy Control Center – customizable self-care tools, controls consumption of wholesale data, automated roamer greeting messages, send a message to inform subscribers of different data plans and treats subscribers uniquely with tiered class of service.

Plan ahead

With LTE’s increased complexity, LTE roaming may be the biggest challenge operators face over the next decade. The good news is there’s still some time to prepare as operators deploy LTE and penetration of LTE devices reaches critical mass. TNS offers a next generation roaming exchange, interoperability services, and reporting tools that address network interface requirements and deliver deep business intelligence. With more than 10 years of experience operating a global MPLS network and roaming interoperability services, we can help you navigate the rising complexities of 4G roaming and beyond.


Single roaming agreement

With only one contract to sign, TNS sets up and manages multiple roaming agreements streamlining your roaming operations.

Hub break out

Leverage the TNS Hosted PDN Gateway to optimize and route bearer traffic to and from the internet without costly and complex bilateral Local Break Out implementations.

Policy applications

Allows usage to become service- and quality-aware with the ability to charge for innovative new service types such as Toll-Free or Sponsored Data.

Supports efficient Voice-over LTE (VoLTE)

Delivers better voice quality and enables roaming to and from 4G LTE without circuit-switched fall back to 3G and associated QoS impacts.

Roamer Policy Control Center

Roaming tools that make it intuitive and friendly for subscribers.


Quality of experience

Maximize the use of the fastest and most efficient available.

Competitive advantage

Offering LTE roaming early positions operators favorably for lucrative roaming traffic and attracts application providers and content partners that foster innovation.


Connect to a 4G roaming ecosystem that supports scale, interoperability and reduced complexity. Includes monitoring, web-based reporting, roaming clearing and settlement.

Minimize operational costs

Flexibility to use the lowest-cost access network available, whether LTE/3G/Wi-Fi.

Add LTE roaming revenues

Maximize the use of your LTE investment by enabling LTE operators to roam onto your network.

Reduce roaming complaints

Let your subscribers opt-in/opt-out and control their data consumption.

LTE Roaming Hub Information Sheet

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  • Working with TNS and the CCA LTE Roaming Hub enables us to expand our footprint and reach an area which is popular with our subscribers as both a business and leisure destination. We estimate around ten percent of our subscribers need to be able to roam internationally so today’s announcement is hugely significant for our business and helps us to meet their needs better and compete more effectively with the national operators.

    James Groft, CEO, James Valley

  • I am delighted the CCA LTE Roaming Hub, powered by TNS, continues to grow and provide competitive carriers with a highly effective way of providing LTE-quality outbound roaming services to their subscribers. Just as important, members of the Hub can also receive inbound roaming revenues, giving them a strategic opportunity to effectively compete with the largest carriers.

    Steven K Berry, President & CEO, CCA

  • By joining the CCA Data Services Hub, we are able to significantly expand the reach and coverage of our own LTE footprint in a cost-effective and subscriber-centric way. This new model of interconnection will help to ensure that we can bring to market LTE services faster, better, and more cost-effectively than previous 3G solutions.

    Mike Laskowsky, United Wireless

  • We are delighted to be using TNS. We chose TNS because of the extensive range of value added services which the TNS Data Services Hub offers, including TNS’ interstandard roaming solution which we believe is one of the best available in the market place today.

    Chip Damato, Director of Business Strategy, Inland Cellular

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