IOT Discount Management

Reducing costs in all aspects of your business is key to managing profitability. Standard Inter-Operator Tariffs (IOTs) were originally created to automate the settlement process. Today IOT discounts vary immensely from the intended standard rack rates and managing them is a manual, labor-intensive, and cumbersome process, making an effective IOT discount strategy seem unattainable.

What is IOTRON?

IOTRON is a one-of-a-kind software platform that enables mobile operators to streamline and more efficiently manage the lifecycle of roaming agreements, which include discounts on standard IOT rates. IOTRON contains a comprehensive Agreement Management Module which enables IOT Negotiators to track IOT discount agreements through their full lifecycle from early stages of negotiation right through to agreement maturity, settlement, and renewal. IOTRON’s calculation engine takes away a lot of the heavy lifting for finance and settlement teams by automating the process of calculating forecasts, accruals, and final settlement positions. IOTRON offers several forecast and accrual methodologies and can model an operator’s existing formulas. By supporting the end-to-end full lifecycle of IOT discounts, IOTRON helps your teams handle their specific tasks related to IOT agreements as each agreement moves through the various stages of negotiation, implementation, management, settlement, and financial reporting. IOTRON helps each department to know when a task is required of them, provides an audit trail of who has done what, and helps keep everyone coordinated.

IOT Discount Management Information Sheet

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IOT Discount Management Information Sheet
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