Interstandard Roaming

The TNS Interstandard Roaming (ISR), Sponsored Roaming & Interoperability Platform allows operators to offer a variety of international & domestic roaming options to their subscribers, which extends the reach of their current roaming solutions for voice/SMS/data. Using your own native IMSI or a TNS-supplied sponsored IMSI, immediate worldwide roaming reach can be enabled for your subscribers. 

TNS’ ISR solution provides signaling control, protocol conversion, mapping, authentication, provisioning & management services along with ISR general support and customer service. TNS also provides access to a worldwide LTE and GSM roaming network as well as the clearing and settlement services for usage. With the ISR platform, your subscriber is seamlessly enabled for international roaming.


In addition to being compliant with the latest 3GPP standards for inter-technology roaming, the platform provides a suite of value-added features/options that will help TNS maximize roaming revenues and differentiate their service offering, providing the following benefits:

  • The ability to offer transparent roaming between diverse network types so that subscribers can be offered the maximum coverage whenever or wherever they roam
  • Offer subscribers a global, seamless, one number, one bill service
  • Preserve all existing services and provide additional services while in the roamed network
  • Provide end-to-end short messaging without involving any third-party
  • Provide seamless support for data inter-working between diverse network types

Using the TNS ISR application, operators can:

  • Immediately increase revenues by extending roaming coverage for CDMA subscribers
  • Expand your coverage area and global position
  • Increase roaming revenues via the capture & retention of high-value subscribers

From a subscribers point of view they have:


A single mobile number provides transparent service wherever you roam, irrespective of the network technology


All charges are billed to their bill in local currency, i.e. a single bill for a single number.


No need to worry about dialing procedures, language barriers, or hotel charges.

Interstandard Roaming Information Sheet

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