FraudTec II

Losses due to wireless fraud are often a mobile operator’s greatest expense. Mobile operators need an effective tool to help their analysts monitor, detect, and stop wireless fraud on a near real-time basis.

How FraudTec ll Works

FraudTec ll receives roaming Call Detail Record (CDR) or usage records from network elements and home CDR from switch feeds, then uses these records to create a database of subscriber calling activity. As the database continually updates, FraudTec ll performs call detail record analysis on an ongoing basis to check or conditions that may indicate fraudulent usage. When one or more conditions arise, FraudTec ll generates an alarm. Analysts investigate the alarm and, if fraud is confirmed, take action to stop fraud as it occurs. The system offers a comprehensive suite of alarm management tools, such as alarm generation, usage threshold management, and call detail analysis to support near real-time wireless fraud analysis and detection.

A helping hand

FraudTec ll offers a number of boilerplate defaults based on years of experience and expertise, including readily re-configured fraud detection available, if an operator is unsure of their initial set-up needs. These defaults can be changed at any time by contacting your TNS Application Support Specialist.

  • Data Gathering & Enrichment
  • Decision Engine
  • Statistical Methods
  • Fraud Case Management
  • Fraud Investigation Tools
  • FRAUDTEC ll™
  • Visited Network Data
  • Home Network Data


Near real-time usage analysis

Instantly makes the distinction between fraudulent behavior and good customers with heavy call volumes within milliseconds from receiving the relevant data.

Near real-time call activity

Ability to view all wireless customers current call activity regardless of alarm activity.

Control group

Ability to treat usage from a specific neighboring or low fraud roaming switch as “home” while monitoring this usage for fraud.

Optimize fraud management

Maximizes true fraud cases while minimizing operational costs needed for each false alarm investigation with an easy-to-use web-based application that is intuitive and ergonomic.

Resource optimization

Provides a SaaS solution, covering day-to-day management, monitoring, maintenance, and technical support.

Global coverage

Supports both CDMA and GSM technologies in over 30 countries and continues to expand. Compatibility supports roaming, home, and also, pre-paid CDRs.

Converged fraud management solution

Provide a single usage view for multiple types of services.


Call detail analysis

Performs call detail record analysis on an ongoing basis to check for conditions that may indicate fraudulent usage.

Usage threshold management

High-risk call counts and thresholds to more aggressively monitor customers in first 30 days of activation.

Custom alarm configuration

Operator defined alarms, alarm priorities, and custom alarm queues to break down alarms by geographical location or analyst’s specialization.

Subscription fraud analysis

Ability to monitor your customer’s usage in roaming markets near-real-time.

High-risk locations

Close monitoring for subscribers in high risk roaming countries.

Known fraudulent number lists

Ability to monitor calls related to known fraudulent numbers, as well as, add new known fraudulent numbers to the tables for further monitoring.

Supports multiple fraud types

Ability to detect multiple fraud scenarios.

Integrated fraud case management

Track related fraud alarms under the same fraud case and assign it to a Fraud Analyst.

Usage analytics

“Slice and Dice” through service usage data.

TNS are winners of the Champion from Kaleido Intelligence for Steering of Roaming and Data & Financial Clearing.

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