Financial Clearing House (FCH)

The platform you choose for mobile financial clearing makes a huge difference in your efficiency and profitability. The TNS Nextgen Financial Clearing House (FCH) platform can drastically improve debt collection rates and clearing accuracy through a number of features which foster timely revenue collection and allocation, such as advanced netting and payment allocation features.


Utilizing the latest technology, our FCH platform, one of the most advanced debt monitoring and recovery services in the market, chases debt more effectively than any other system, helping reduce your outstanding debt and improve profitability. This state-of-the-art platform promotes visibility with comprehensive, flexible, adaptable and fully transparent reporting in a web based system, simplifies roaming business operations with quick deployment of customized validation or reporting functionality, and streamlines roaming revenue assurance activities with error correction and conversion.


The TNS Nextgen FCH platform helps you build and protect your roaming business with timely and accurate business intelligence, allowing you to track financial positions with roaming partners, perform roaming market analysis, and forecast roaming revenue and expenses. The platform performs industry-compliant validation and processing of call detail records and Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer (CIBER) data and ensures secure and accurate settlement.

Financial Clearing House (FCH) Information Sheet

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