Carrier ENUM

Help reduce routing complexity and modernize peering arrangements with IP access to a centralized registry.

Key Benefits


TNS Carrier ENUM is a highly scalable robust platform. The service grants your company access to information critical to the accurate routing and billing of inter-carrier communications, such as voice and mobile data services. We make available an up-to-date, portability-corrected image of the entire public dial plan, as well as authoritative information sourced directly from the service provider having the right-to-use the telephone number.

Cost savings

Route calls to least cost partners or bypass the PSTN when possible with real-time carrier of record data. TNS Carrier ENUM registry hosts a robust repository of global telephone numbers and carrier of record information that identifies portability corrected carrier ownership information. In response to lookups, the registry returns service provider ID (SPID), and, when available, the Location Routing Number (LRN) of ported and pooled numbers.


TNS’ Carrier ENUM registry also hosts a multi-party shared registration system that furnishes service providers with sophisticated data-sharing capabilities featuring safeguard controls designed to uphold data-sharing policies. Using our secure portal, service providers can self-administer data and selectively grant access, in whole or part, to partners.


TNS Carrier ENUM was built with a lot of flexibility in mind as it supports ENUM, SIP and TCAP over SIGTRAN queries. And it also supports various NAPTR responses to queries.


With the real-time business intelligence reports, customers can have visibility on detailed traffic flow thus allowing the customer to prioritize and establish direct peering with proffered carriers.

Deployment options

TNS Carrier ENUM can be accessed either through the Central Replica at TNS data centers or by deploying a TNS Carrier ENUM Local Replica server at the customer’s data center.

Carrier ENUM Information Sheet

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