TNS and INET Partnership Revolutionizes Thanachart Bank’s Merchant POS Service

TNS and INET Partnership Revolutionizes Thanachart Bank’s Merchant POS Service

July 24th, 2018

Thanachart Bank in Thailand is strengthening the point-of-sale (POS) services it provides to its merchants and their 30,000 terminals, thanks to a new agreement with Transaction Network Services (TNS) and INET.

TNS, in partnership with INET, will upgrade Thanachart Bank’s merchant offerings with the TNS managed dial service, Secure Internet Gateway and Global Wireless Access solutions. These solutions will allow Thanachart Bank to deliver a reliable, high bandwidth payments service which is capable of carrying a large volume of transactions quickly and securely.

A spokesperson for Thanachart Bank said: “We are excited to be working with INET and TNS. This new agreement will allow us to provide our merchants with a more feature-rich service with higher levels of resiliency and security. The combination of TNS’ technology, experience and security features, and INET’s position as one of the leading secure managed payment service providers in Thailand, made this partnership stand out from our alternative options.

“We are pleased to report that the migration over to the TNS infrastructure was completed within just five months so our merchants are already enjoying the enhanced benefits we can offer.”

Prior to using TNS, Thanachart Bank handled its POS transactions in-house, but managing and expanding this infrastructure was proving costly and time-consuming as its customer base of retail outlets, hospitality providers and other small-medium businesses has continued to grow.

John Tait, Managing Director of TNS’ FinTech Solutions business across the Asia Pacific region, said: “We are delighted to be helping Thanachart Bank enhance its POS services and gain a competitive advantage within the Thai market. Our partnership with INET continues to strengthen. INET’s local expertise and consultancy complements our global reach and technical capabilities so together we can very effectively meet the needs of banks and merchants in Thailand.”

TNS’ Secure Internet Gateway is a PCI DSS compliant payment delivery solution which enables merchants to connect both online and offline IP-based transactions to acquirers, processors and banks. The TNS Dial service can deliver all types of transaction traffic, including credit and debit cards, pre-paid mobile top-ups, gaming, alarms, inventory control, order entry and other transaction-oriented applications.

Global Wireless Access is an Internet of Things solution designed specifically for POS terminals. It provides comprehensive international coverage with in-country domestic roaming to minimize coverage blackspots, an advanced SIM management portal, dedicated POS terminal application and a strongest signal SIM feature.

Songsak Danubumrungsart, Senior Consultant at INET said: “The INET and TNS partnership will allow Thanachart Bank to capitalize on growth opportunities as the services we are providing are flexible and scalable to suit their changing needs. With these solutions they can also better manage their compliance and reporting capabilities.”

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