Bad actors continue to prey on Americans with robocall scams designed to steal personal information and finances. With the relentless threat of new scams – ranging from IRS and tax scams to the proliferation of AI voice attacks – it should come as no surprise that 68% of Americans now refuse to answer calls from an unknown number.  

This lack of trust in voice calls is a catalyst for low answer rates among consumers, making it difficult for businesses in ‘high-touch’ industries (financial and insurance services, healthcare, hospitality and retail, etc.) to reach their customer base. However, TNS’ new series of eBooks, Exploring the Demand for Branded Caller ID, brings positive news: consumer demand for branded calling is skyrocketing. Branded calling solutions include critical call information on incoming call screens, so the call recipient can discern who is calling and gain trust that the caller is legitimate and authentic.  

The eBooks, which are anchored by consumer data from a recently released TNS survey of US wireless phone subscribers, affirms robust consumer demand for branded calling solutions:  

  • 82% of US adults would answer a branded call from a company that they had previously permitted to contact them. 
  • 78% of survey respondents are more willing to answer a call if the caller ID displays the logo and name of a brand they recognize. 

In response to this customer demand, businesses are deploying branded caller ID solutions such as TNS Enterprise Branded Calling to help improve call answer rates, boost lead generation opportunities, enhance call agent efficiency and transform the customer experience.  

Seventy-seven percent of survey respondents indicated they would answer a call from their bank if the brand logo/name was displayed on the incoming call screen. In other ‘high-touch’ markets, 79% would answer a branded call from their healthcare provider if they were due for a check-up or prescription. For hospitality and retail, 71% would answer a branded call from a hotel, airline or cruise line if they had scheduled or were planning a trip and 63% would answer a call from retail brands if the brand logo/name was displayed on their incoming call screen.  

TNS Enterprise Branded Calling sets itself apart from competitor offerings by featuring a proven call vetting process that includes advanced call authentication and analytics technologies to restore trust in the voice channel. With consumers more willing to trust who’s actually on the opposite end of a call, businesses can increase customer engagement and help drive more revenue to their bottom line.  

Gain valuable insights into branded caller ID by downloading the eBook which is most suited to you and your business: Exploring the Demand for Branded Caller ID

Jim Tyrrell is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at TNS with specific responsibility for TNS’ Communications Market solutions.