Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring

Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring gives enterprises the ability to understand their telephone number reputation score and improve scoring by conforming to behavior less likely to trigger negative labeling by analytic engines. Reputation Monitoring provides alerts when the telephone number becomes classified as a spammer, spoofer, scammer, or robocaller. TNS can help enterprises avoid mis-labeling, prevent damage to their brands, and improve call answer rates.

Key Features


Analysis of over 1 billion call events daily across more than 500 operators to understand how your telephone numbers and brand are displayed.

Real-time scoring

Detect problems as they occur with alert notification when your telephone number is classified as having a negative reputation score.

Registration of calling campaigns

When launching a new campaign, TNS can help ensure that the telephone number you use has a positive reputation score, and not a telephone number that is being spoofed.  Document your expected and normative call pattern description.


Understand your enterprise telephone numbers, including which ones are scored positively and which are scored negatively. Changes to reputation score are provided via email or API.

Crowd-sourced feedback

Provides view into crowd-sourced feedback on specific telephone numbers to see how your brand is being perceived by the public.


Key Benefits

Mitigate risk

Ensure your legitimate calls get through and aren’t inadvertently being blocked or tagged as spam.

Increase contact rates

Let customers know who is calling, making them more likely to pick up.

Protect brand identity

Alert notifications when your telephone numbers have turned unwanted and been spoofed by bad actors.

Best calling practices

Understand which of your call centers or business process outsources (BPOs) are using positive or unwanted calling practices.

Create trust

Create trusted experiences between enterprises and subscribers. Displaying an accurate and consistent caller ID gives customers more confidence knowing who is calling and helps them make the decision to answer the call.


TNS Analytics and Enhanced Caller ID are deployed at leading wireless, wireline and cable operators.

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