LSM is our online platform that generates added value through management reports for the effective control of data transferred, information on the base of installed devices and controls that help our customers to reduce costs through efficient management of the installed base.

Thanks to LSM, our customers can access different reports and management tools and easily check the IMEI of the device associated with each SIM Card, if the equipment is ONLINE/OFFLINE, the volume of traffic on each SIM Card, among others.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized management of SIM Cards and devices.
  • Invoice reliability, LSM performs the reconciliation of operators’ invoices.
  • Private APN (more security in data traffic).
  • Dedicated, redundant and monitored connection with all operators.
  • Immediate identification of non-standard data consumption.
  • Identification and blocking of IMEI, resulting in a better management of the equipment.
  • Online blocking and unblocking of data traffic on a specific line.
  • Detailing of established connections.

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