If You Don’t Upgrade for EMV Compatibility You Could Lose $207,000

The deadline to upgrade outdoor payment terminals to EMV CHIP compatibility is coming. An extension was granted to gas stations but will expire in April 2021. When it does, liability for fraud will shift from banks and card companies to the fuel and convenience retailers.

Mercator Advisory Group estimates the liability risk at the pump for owners of a dozen sites could easily exceed $200,000 in the first year alone.

April 2021 may seem like a long time away, but waiting until the last minute may be a bigger risk than delaying further. It is a complex undertaking but TNS can help.

Learn what’s at stake for your bottom line. Our new calculator tool will help you determine how much money is at risk for your business.

How Much $ Could You Lose?

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The Risks of Failing to Upgrade for EMV Compatibility

  • Fraud may rise. As more retailers accept EMV chip cards, retailers who don’t may be targeted by counterfeiters and other bad actors.
  • Customer trust will erode. Customers are more likely to switch to retailers with newer and more secure machines.
  • In-store sales will be missed. Upgraded AFDs and payment readers provide more chances to entice in-store products.
  • Delays are possible. As we get closer to the April 2021 deadline, installers may get backed up with orders, and retailers may experience delays.

Countdown to the EMV Compliance Deadline—
It Will be Here Faster Than You Think

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