EFTEX Makes Strategic Play By Migrating Australian ATM Estate to TNS

January 28th, 2016

EFTEX, part of the Banktech Group and one of the region’s most innovative terminal driving and transaction processing companies, has made the strategic decision to outsource its entire wireless ATM communications network in Australia to Transaction Network Services (TNS) in a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal.  

The deployment covers over 1600 wireless ATMs and leverages TNS’ latest technological enhancements for automated boarding integration and in-field signal strength testing for installation teams.

It is also the first deployment of ATMs using 4G to go live since TNS introduced 4G network support for TNSLink for ATMs across Australia and the Asia Pacific region a few months ago. EFTEX will also use TNS’ multiport solution, which allows more than one device to be operated from a single point of broadband access.

Paul Stewart, General Manager at EFTEX, said: “The nationwide footprint of our customer’s ATM networks covers a diverse range of venues, all with exacting needs, which means we need a partner who can offer extensive coverage, as well as the highest security and unrivaled 4G bandwidth speeds. TNS was an early contender and stood out during the tender process because of its adaptable feature-rich TNSLink for ATMs solution, PCI DSS credentials, and responsive, knowledgeable local team.

“EFTEX chose to partner with TNS after an extensive market analysis. TNS proved to be the most experienced provider for ATM communications in Australia and could offer a creative commercial model that fit our business needs.

“After developing and operating in-house wireless communications solutions for ATMs dating back to the first GPRS Solution available in Australia in 2004, EFTEX took the decision to outsource this part of our business to enable greater focus on our core objectives. We are confident that TNS, as our trusted partner, will continue to deliver the exceptional standard of service our customers have become used to. In addition, we expect to reap new benefits in flexibility and innovation from using TNSLink for ATMs, and will be able to pass on a significant number of these to customers.”

Established in 2000, EFTEX has grown to become the 2nd largest independent ATM transaction processor in Australia. It processes over $7bn (AUD) worth of transactions annually from more than 10,000 ATM and POS terminals in Australia, India, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Lisa Shipley, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of TNS’ Payment Network Solutions, said: “We are delighted to be helping EFTEX move away from its in-house solution to our TNSLink for ATMs solution using 4G technology.

“Building, maintaining and managing an in-house terminal communications infrastructure is expensive and complex, and can be a burden detracting vital resources from more important tasks.”

“Our TNSOnline portal provides detailed remote diagnostics which enhance visibility and resolution times, lowering the incidence of false positives for communications issues and substantially reducing the number of field technician service visits. In addition, we’ve built automated onboarding and integration between both companies’ operational systems to speed up deployments.”

TNS is a global member of the ATMIA board and currently provides services to more than 85,000 ATMs around the world, supporting every manufacturer and connecting to over 400 payment-specific authorization hosts worldwide.

TNS is a Level 1 PCI DSS certified service provider and its secure network is supported 24x7x365 by its Network Operating Centres around the world.

With a strong payments heritage and more than 20 years of expertise, TNS now provides services in more than 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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