Scam Spotlight: “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

Scam Spotlight: “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

July 21st, 2019 - Telecom, Identity and Protection

By Lavinia Kennedy, Director of Product Management 

Some things sound too good to be true. What about calls from a magical salesman offering a job that pays $10,000 a week – at home in your pajamas? 

Is it real? Most likely, no.  

Often, the caller is saying repeatedly that you will make money and “NO, this is not a scam!”. They leave a rambling message that does not even mention what you are doing to make these salaries. It sounds as if thousands of dollars are just going to appear in your bank account.  

The calls are normally a recording that lasts 10-15 minutes. This is what the beginning of what one might sound like: 

“If you called this number, I was trying to get in touch with you to invite you to learn about a real, honest, and legitimate way for you to make $10,000 each month at home without having to join a scam. You can press 9 at any time to be removed, however, our successful business partners would say you’re making a huge mistake.” 

 We never find out who these partners are, a job description, or even a business name. After 10 minutes of informing you it is legitimate and you WILL make money, the unnamed caller finally directs you to – here is a snapshot of their mobile website:  

When you search the domain name given, it directs you to instead. The website features a hardly convincing testimonial and a link for “instant access”. The next screen prompts you to enter contact information, accompanied by a man enjoying a day at the pool.  There is still no business name or description listed, not to mention the promising Privacy Policy featured at the bottom of the page.  

Seems… phishy? 

It is likely the calls are more of a phishing attempt than a job offer 

Never trust calls or websites like these. The first red flag is no business name – not to mention the call is always a recording and there is no way to get in contact with a live person. Legitimate jobs, including work from home careers, will not cold-call you and can be found on trustworthy company websites and hiring websites.  

These scams are often called “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes because of the crazy fast profits they promise. Keep in mind big profits aren’t that simple and require hard work, time, and skill! 

TNS analyzes robocall data from more than 1 billion daily call events across hundreds of telecom providers, which enables us to extract insights on emerging robocaller trends and tactics. In addition to following FCC guidance, consumers can protect themselves by leveraging telecom provider robocall detection solutions powered by TNS Call Guardian, which according to a Mind Commerce study correctly identified spoofed numbers 98% of the time during testing compared to 64% for our nearest competitor.   

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